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Sean Hannity's Twitter Account Was Down—And We Can't Wait For The Conspiracy Theories

The Tweet-o-sphere was reeling on the morning of Saturday, January 27th, over the sudden and unexplained disappearance of Sean Hannity's Twitter profile. After shooting out a tweet just before 1 A.M., Hannity's profile began to display this message to anyone who visited: 


Though Hannity's account was reactivated around 5 A.M., many Twitter users were already in full-on conspiracy mode. Since Hannity himself has been known to encourage and spread conspiracy theories via his Twitter account, it seemed only appropriate that the deactivation of him handle should be met with the same level of groundless accusations.

Twitter sat back and enjoyed the reactions.

The theories poured in!

The true explanation is probably far less exciting than what many Twitter users imagined.

One Twitter user decided now was the perfect time to send some shade:

A similar de-activation happened to President Donald Trump's Twitter account in November of 2017. In both cases, the accounts were restored hours later. In the case of President Trump, his account had been de-activated by a rogue Twitter employee who was leaving the company. Perhaps Hannity was also the target of some last-day vengeance.

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