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Ethan Miller/Getty Images
The XFL Is Coming Back, And Twitter Has So, So Many Jokes About It
3 months ago

Here's the news most people spend every day of their lives waiting for: The XFL is coming back! After a single season in 2001, the joint venture between WWE and NBC has remained dormant, waiting for the perfect moment to return.

And at long last... the time has come!

But what will we call this new group of football teams? 

Twitter users quickly began brainstorming possible names for the young franchises.

It's a miracle some of these haven't been grabbed already...

Fans were on a roll and couldn't seem to stop.

Some ideas were actually pretty normal, if a bit unoriginal.

If Twitter has any say in the matter (which they probably won't), these XFL teams will have some of the most creative names of all time!

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