Unsettling Giant Foam Baby Statue Appears On Craigslist... Anyone Want It?

Unsettling Giant Foam Baby Statue Appears On Craigslist... Anyone Want It?
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6 months ago

There's really no way to dress this one up - anyone want a Giant Foam Baby?

Seriously, Giant Foam Baby is up for grabs and totally free. If you can walk out the door with Giant Foam Baby, then Giant Foam Baby is all yours. Craigslister SkepticalScalpel put this one out there for any lucky Manhattanite looking to expand their Giant Foam Baby portfolio, or, of course, anyone nationwide willing to move Giant Foam Baby across state lines into the GFB Forever Home (?). 

It's 15 feet long, weighs as much as 40-45 Actual Babies, and is currently painted gold. 

From the description:

"Giving away a large gold-painted foam statue, a legendary prop from the production of 'Mankind' at Playwrights Horizons. Perhaps you may find use for the foam materials, or maybe you just want a glorious infant totem in your home! Posting to give away for free before we ship to recycle on 2/5.

Dimensions: 14.6 ' length
Weight: 325 lbs
Details: Sculpted from two 4' x 6' foam blocks, painted with gold paint

Must be picked up 1/29-2/4. Shipping may also be arranged within Manhattan/Brooklyn, please contact for further details. Contact by 2/2. Serious inquiries only."

You've got less than a week, folks. Go get Giant Foam Baby and be the envy of all your non-Giant-Foam-Baby-having friends.

And if you aren't a serious inquiry, then at least click 'Best of Craigslist', because this absolutely is.

H/T: Craigslist