Lisa Kudrow Just Responded To That Fake 'Friends' Movie Trailer On The Internet

Lisa Kudrow Just Responded To That Fake 'Friends' Movie Trailer On The Internet
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Updated 6 months ago

Everyone's favorite spacey friend, Phoebe Buffay (aka Lisa Kudrow), shut down rumors of a Friends movie in the works when she visited Conan Thursday night. Kudrow shared her take on the fan-made Friends (2018) Movie Teaser Trailer #1 and how her Friends costar, Courtney Cox, texted her about it once it went viral.

 Kudrow told O'Brien:

I don't know what to make of it. It's like sort of these weird clips from things that clearly have nothing to do with Friends . . . They're rebooting everything but how does that work with 'Friends,' though?  . . . That was about people in their twenties, thirties, the show isn't about people their forties fifties -- and if we have the same problems, that's just sad.

Not surprisingly, the news disappointed fans:

Kudrow's answer didn't differ that much from what she told Savannah Gutherie on The Today Show nearly a year ago:

I don't see it happening.  It would be fun, but what would it be about? Think about it: The thing we liked best about the show was that they were 20-somethings and they were their own family. Now, they all have families, so what are we going to watch?

In case you missed it, here's the trailer Kudrow and Cox saw:

Kudrow may have been "meh" about a Friends movie, but the trailer's creator seemed pretty stoked that both Kudrow and Cox had seen it:

When it comes to a Friends reboot, fans need to get used to the fact that they won't be there for you.