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Betty Boo The Salon Cat Is The Newest Internet Sensation—And We Get It

Betty Boo The Salon Cat Is The Newest Internet Sensation—And We Get It
Updated 4 months ago

She has 3,000+ followers on Instagram, and adoring fans come from near and far to meet her in person.

Her name is Betty Boo, and she's taking the internet by storm. Named after the '90s British pop icon, Betty Boo works at Babar Hair in Melbourne, Australia. But her job isn't cutting hair. Her specialty is connecting with the clientele through pets, snuggles, and looking cute. And she's so good at it, she's making a name for herself across the internet with a little help from Instagram, and "mum."

Her Insta profile reads:

I'm Betty Boo, rescued as a tiny kitten living at BABAR hair! I love lap cuddles & sleeping anywhere! I even write a blog 😽

I mean, come on. Look at that face! You cannot resist!


OMG. Belly rub, anyone?

I'm ready and waiting for my cuddle! Arms, paws ready!

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Betty Boo has even been written up in Teen Vogue for her role in helping customers with anxiety:

And aside from gracing the premises with her feline beauty all day, she also occupies an important role there; clients are encouraged to pet and hold her during services to ease any anxiety.

Backed by actual science, it sounds like Babar Hair is on to something — a recipe for relaxation. As Teen Vogue states:

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety affects more than 18% of people in the United States. There are many different ways there are to cope with your anxiety, and both pets and beauty routines are on that list.

Betty Boo is seven years old and has worked at the salon for the last four years. Here she is as a rescue kitten: