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Young Girl's Extremely Dark Birthday Card Emerges Online, And We're Into It

Little Kid creepiness is some of the best creepiness there is.

If you've got the time, we highly encourage you to take a stroll through any one of the tons of Reddit threads asking "What's the Creepiest Thing Your Child Has Ever Done?" For our example today, we actually have a visual aid: Redditor StargasmSargasm shared this awesome car from their girlfriend's little girl under the subreddit /funny. We're happy to say that this is equal parts funny and creepy. 

My girlfriend's daughter made me a bday card from r/funny

Boom. Not a lot of room for misinterpretation there, eh? For our money, the clear winner is that casual stick figure with the coffee mug, the universal signifier for 'dead in dog years'. 

But yeah, overall - yikes, right? 

It at least struck a familiar chord to one member of Reddit.

May all our cards be so emotionally loaded.

H/T: Mashable