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Holocaust Denier Goes After Politician On Twitter—And He Instantly Gets Shut Down
3 months ago

WARNING: Sick burn ahead.

Jonathan Reynolds, the Labor MP of Stalybridge, Hyde, Mossley, Longdendale & Dukinfield, and Shadow Economic Secretary to the Treasury (according to his Twitter), recently Tweeted out in recognition of Holocaust Memorial Day. 

Holocaust Memorial Day is held on January 27, and is used to honor those that were tragically murdered during the genocide of 1941 to 1945. This marks the day the Soviet Army's liberated Auschwitz camp and freed those that were imprisoned there. 

However, one rule of posting on the internet is, "You need to be ready for the crazies."

One Holocaust denier struck back at Reynolds for Tweeting about the holiday, saying it wasn't real. 

Reynolds didn't lose his calm, however, reasserting the importance and necessity of the day. 

This did not deter the troll, though, who again came after Reynolds. 

Finally, Reynolds had had enough, and shut the denier down, much to the delight of Twitter. 

Some people were abhorred by the troll, Steve's, behavior, and wanted to make sure the focus of the day remained on the victims. 

Of course, Jonathan clarified what he meant by his above comments.