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AI Bot Attempts To Rewrite 'Fire And Fury'—And The Results Are Both Bizarre And Intriguing

AI Bot Attempts To Rewrite 'Fire And Fury'—And The Results Are Both Bizarre And Intriguing
Updated 4 months ago

Michael Wolff's book offering an inside look at the Trump White House, Fire and Fury, has been a massive success, having sold 1.7 million copies in its first three weeks of publication. It's set to become the fastest selling non-fiction novel of all time. But perhaps the surest sign of Wolff's book's success is the fact that it has already been parodied by one of the funniest groups around.

Botnik Studios, who created viral versions of Harry Potter and the TV show Scrubs written by predictive text AI's, hooked their computers up to Fire and Fury, then told their program to write its own version. After the computer generates a bunch of lines using predictive text, a human puts them in an order that seems to make some sort of narrative sense.

The results were stunning.

Some of these quotes from the bot are truly unforgettable!

Jared Kushner was terrible at being Jared Kushner. At one point he thought 'Arby's' was called 'Gorsuch's House of Pasta Fries.' By law, Eric Trump was sworn to say, 'I don't know what is going on with the fish fingers or chocolate mint breast filet, but I love what they do to my s***.'
Then in early November, James Comey said, “One of Hillary Clinton’s restaurants in 1972 could have been a front for selling hot dogs to the press, but we have no facts.
As the Russia investigators seemed to be a problem for Donald, he told Priebus to get 50 more chocolaty-chip cookies shaped like the White House to try to create confusion over which was the one with the President in it.

Twitter couldn't get enough:

Many are waiting to see how Wolff, author of the original Fire and Fury, will react.

But it's hard to imagine he has anything but love for such a high-quality parody!

Botnik Studios' other work, including a fake Coachella line-up that sounds like a fever-dream come true, has all been great.

For more excerpts from Botnik's parody of Fire and Fury, just check out their website! Every American should know the meaning of Trump's classic phrase "Beef and a Chief!"