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Man Takes Photos Of His Brother Choking Instead Of Helping Him, And The Internet Fired Back

Emergency situations can really bring out each individual's true nature. 

Take @theRealAbdayy, professional photographer extraordinaire. He was working a photo shoot when he saw his kid brother starting to choke on some french fries, and what did he do? 

Kept cranking out those photos. That's some true nature.

Alright, there's a lot to unpack here - clearly, Kid Brother is having a hard time at first. He's doing the whole hand-to-throat thing and everything. Abdi, our photographer anti-hero, is clearly paying attention to Kid Brother, and must've known something the pictures don't exactly suggest, which is the pending miraculous recovery evidenced in the final consistently framed photograph of Kid Brother's entirely dope steez. Which is where Kid Brother's emergency-prompted true nature comes out in the form of planet-shattering radness. 


We should all be so lucky as to look that awesome moments after a life-threatening episode. 

Now, a lot of the internet didn't get as far as the last photo and dialed in on the possible negligence of our anti-hero photographer:

Now, let's take issue with that last accusation - we here at Guacamoley believe that Abdi is actually an awesome brother because as soon as it was clear Kid Brother was going to come out of this in one piece, he set Kid Brother up for one of the coolest recovery shots ever which only becomes amazing if you see it in sequence. 

Once assured that everyone was intact, a few eagle eyed folks dialed in on the real crime being committed. 

H/T: Mashable