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Mattress Firm Just Responded To Wacky Conspiracy Theory About Their Stores

Mattress Firm Just Responded To Wacky Conspiracy Theory About Their Stores
4 months ago

First of all, did you know that Mattress Firm has an amphitheatre?

It'd be a little embarrassing for a Radiohead or an Imagine Dragons to have to say something like, "thank you Mattress Firm Amphitheatre!" before bringing the house down with the big radio single, but when your business is successful enough you have the opportunity to put your name in some unlikely places. South African retailer Steinhoff, the company that owns Mattress Firm, had a rough end to 2017 after an "accounting irregularity" led to three senior officers resigning and a $15 billion dollar drop in its stock market value, but nonetheless - if you've got an amphitheatre near San Diego and $15 billion in stock value to lose, you've probably got a popular product with some significant market penetration. 

Which brings us to that ol' mistrustful internet. Recently, the thread "What Conspiracy Theory Do You 100% Buy Into And Why" shot to the front page of Reddit, and one of the many eyebrow raisers listed therein started thusly: "Mattress firm is some sort of giant money laundering scheme."

As in all conspiracy theories, mattress-related or otherwise, a kernel of plausibility is where things must start. Yes, it is super weird that "accounting irregularities" cost its parent company three executives and $15 billion in stock value. And yes, there does seem to be way, way too many of this particular store in some areas, like Austin:

For a ten mile radius, that is a heckuva lot of Mattress Firms. A mattress is something one buys only rarely, and what with the robust competition from online retailers like Casper it's hard to imagine just how they can afford all those brick and mortar locations. 

Business Insider published an article on the thread a few days ago, which only brought out more internet sleuths, and Mattress Firm didn't respond to the article, which only further stoked the suspicion of the internet sleuths. Eventually, though, you have to say something, and what the company finally actually said was only this:

Probably the best reply possible, given the circumstances, but the Raised Eyebrow of the Internet didn't let off on the gas.

The truth is out there, and apparently the truth will sleep soundly on a quality mattress.

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