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Road raging grandmother, Angela Paskin, demonstrates her fierce side which bubbled to the surface when a young man in an 'old banger' cut her up as she drove home from work in Wardle, Greater Manchester recently. Furious at his cheek she sped after him thorough a village crescent where children were playing. After the incident, Mrs Paskin, who is featured in ITV's 3D programme on Thursday (9.4.98) night about the syndrome of road rage, was so ashamed of her behaviour that she re-enrolled at driving school in order to become a better driver. See PA story SOCIAL Rage. Photo by Malcolm Croft/PA (Photo by Malcolm Croft - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images)
Impatient Grandma Drags Grandson In Early Morning Text For Not Wishing Her A Happy Birthday

Twitter user Dae panicked when his savage grandmother accused him of forgetting her birthday just after sunrise on her birthday. 

After a bit of sleeping in, Dae decided to check in with his aggressive grandmother who just wanted some love on her birthday. 

Dae finally got in touch with his grandmother, but it wasn't pretty. 

Dae did the right thing and took his grandmother out to eat, but she isn't the only savage grandma around...

Sometimes angry grandmas use passive-aggressiveness to get their point across. 

Given all of that, do not miss your grandmother's birthday or you will feel the backlash!

H/T- indy100,   Twitter