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Video Of Dad Using Microphone He Received As Gift Is Both Adorable And Embarrassing

If you can't tell someone you love them through song, when can you tell them? At least that was the mindset behind one father's sweet serenade of his wife, which quickly went viral thanks to his daughter's Twitter account. 


Twitter user, @MarieAnnMcfly, posted the following video which showed off her dad's new Christmas present: a Bluetooth microphone, which he's using in the best way possible. 

The video quickly spread since its posting on January 21, garnering near 55,000 Retweets and over 180,000 Likes at the time of writing. Other users on Twitter were quick to express their love for watching this father sing passionately to his wife. 

Of course, other people found something else to admire in the video: @MarieAnnMcfly's mom's ability to keep eating while her husband sings at her. 

We can all be so lucky to end up with a relationship like this. 

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