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Mike Marsland/Getty Images
The SAG Awards Made A Typo That Turned Judi Dench Into Food—And She's Probably Delicious
3 months ago

At the annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday, Dame Judi Dench was a nominee for outstanding performance by a female actor in a leading role for her portrayal of Queen Victoria in the film Victoria & Abdul. There are few screen actresses more respected and revered than 83-year-old Dench. She plays every role seamlessly, breathing life into words from a script and giving each character her own steely charisma. 

And she does it all while being... a small piece of bread?

As soon as Twitter noticed the typo, they had a field day:

To be fair, Judi Dench would surely make a delicious roll:

No word yet on what roll Dench will take next. A croissant? A baguette? Whatever it is, we're sure she will rise to the occasion.