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Doctor Live-Tweets All The Inaccuracies In 'The Resident' Premiere—And We Can't Look Away

For decades television audiences have been fascinated by shows about cops, doctors, and lawyers. It's a glamorized peek behind the curtain, and who cares if it's not 100% accurate as long the story is good? But those of us outside the professions have always wondered how much is real and how much is dramatic license? During the recent premiere of Fox's new medical drama The Resident, Twitter was in luck as Dr. Sydnee McElroy was on call. As she watched the show, the real life doctor began to notice more than a few things were off about the portrayed medical practices. Soon after she was live tweeting all the glaring inaccuracies of the show.

Many viewers found it to be far more entertaining than the show itself.

Twitter quickly discovered Sydnee's thread and the real entertainment began:

And Sydnee keep on tweeting about the shows many inaccuracies:

Sydnee was surprised by all the free time doctors seem to have:

As well as how knowledgeable and professional they all were:

And she questioned some of their practices:

But the show did get some things right:

But not that many:

Twitter couldn't get enough of Sydnee and even began making requests for her to do other shows:

But there's no telling if Sydnee is going to come back for more:

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