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Angry Waitress Explains Why Customers Should Stop Stacking Their Plates
4 months ago

Food and pop culture site The Takeout's popular column, "The Salty Waitress," took on those most nefarious of all restaurant patrons last week — the helpful stacker.

What is a helpful stacker you might ask? It's a customer who, when finished with their meal, stacks their own plates with the intention, ostensibly, of making the waitstaff or bus staff's jobs easier. If this describes you, then you'll want to read on because apparently the Salty Waitress and her angry waitstaff friends all have a bone...  or, er... a plate to pick with you.

A waitress calling herself A Plate in the Hand is worth Two on the Table wrote in to Salty to complain:

Many folks had no idea the practice was frowned upon and vowed to reform their stacking ways:

Of course, some defended their right to stack:

And others offered their own pet peeves:

Jillian Tamaki (@dirtbagg) swooped in to summarize and clarify the rules for everyone moving forward: