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Twitter User Realizes Incredibly Dark HP Lovecraft Poem Can Be Sung To Billy Joel's 'Piano Man' 😮

The internet is the world's largest index, and you can occasionally spot some amazing synchronicities purely by accident.

Take, for example, Twitter user Captain Video, who noticed recently that an H.P. Lovecraft poem had a very familiar meter:

Once you have seen this maddening duality and allowed the Unspeakable Nightmare Birthings to take root in your mind and sprout forth their grotesque howl-winded word labyrinths (teeter looming over the Pale and speaking not of their names lest they self devour) you really can't unhear it. 

Here, click start on this karaoke video and scroll back up to sing along.

Or... tune into one of the four Thralls to Wincing Consumption below, each with their own personal spin on the insanity.

That one's the winner in overall unsettling creepitude, for sure.

The Old Ones stirred in their sinister sleep, and though it staves not The Thirst That Only The End Of All Can Slake, we're pretty sure they dug the recordings. 

Can't unhear it, indeed. You never can unhear the Call of Cthulhu. And Billy Joel would be proud — for as long as the Vast-Tentacled Shoggoth deems him breath, of course.

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