That Famous 'End Of Ze World' Viral Video Just Got An Official Sequel

That Famous 'End Of Ze World' Viral Video Just Got An Official Sequel
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6 months ago

Back in the early days of the internet, sites like Ebaum's World and AlbinoBlackSheep were how we spent our time online. Raise your hand if you ever watched "The Ultimate Showdown" or "End of Ze World" or "How to Kill a Mockingbird," all classic Flash videos that showed the absurd and humorous ideas the internet could share. 

"End of Ze World" debuted in 2003 and quickly became one of the first viral hits of the pre-social media age. The comedic video detailed how all of the superpower countries like the U.S., Russia, China, and France will destroy the world with nuclear winter while Australia is all like "WTF, mate?"

More than 14 years later, "End of Ze World" finally got a sequel, entitled "End of Ze World...Probably For Real This Time." How will the world end more than a 10 years later? 

Be honest with yourself. In your heart, you already know the answer, and it rhymes with "President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. 

Jason Windsor, the original creator of "End of Ze World," animator, and father of two, decided that 2017 was too much for him to handle and he needed to follow up his original with something more of the time. In an e-mail with Gizmodo, Windsor talked about the struggles of making a sequel no one asked for.

“No one likes a sequel that’s not as good as the original. :) But watching 2017 unfold made me want to make  something. Maybe it’s just a way to deal with my own fear and anger and  frustration.”

With the one-year anniversary of Trump taking office and women's marches all around the country, Windsor remains positive that our nation can straighten itself out. He told Gizmodo:

“I’m certainly still hopeful we can avoid doing something silly like blowing ourselves up, or not listening to scientists when they’re like, ‘No seriously, s***’s effed, and we need to stop this.’ But there’s also action to be taken right away to avoid that stuff.”

News of a sequel was exciting for many, and it's still spreading around thee Twittersphere. 

Seriously, WTF mate?