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Andy Murray Doesn't Think His Mom Is Cool—And Her Response Is An Ace

Andy Murray, the popular Scottish tennis player and Olympic medalist, is in a bit of trouble with his mother, Judy Murray, on Twitter. 


Normally, you'd be able to catch Murray tearing it up at the Australian Open right now, but the 30-year old star has been out since July 2017 recovering from a hip injury. As such, he's be relegated from the court to the couch, and it's made him a bit stir-crazy.

Someone reached out to him on Twitter and asked him about his mother, Judy, who has a reputation for showing her funny personality on Twitter. 

Murray was recovering from a bit of jet lag, while his wife and two daughters supposedly slept, when someone asked:

His answer wasn't what a mother would want to hear. 

Judy, ever the sharp tongue, hit back at her son's rude comments. 

Judy's fans on Twitter immediately came to her defense, supporting the argument that she is cool. 

Maybe next time, think before you speak, Andy.

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