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Man's Funko Pop Toy Contract With Wife Emerges Online, And People Can't Even

Many people would admit they collect something. From model trains to Star Wars ships to Pokémon cards, it seems almost everything has some kind of "more is more!" mindset behind it. And the more you buy, the better your collection will be! 

One of the hottest collectible items on the market right now are the Funko Pop vinyl figures.


While most casual fans can admit to having one or five of these tiny figures, one man's collection grew to such tremendous proportions that it forced his wife to draw up a contract to curb his buying habits. 

A Redditor was able to get a picture of the contract, and he shared it for the world to see...

Some key points include a weekly $30 spending limit, an exception in case any of the big comic cons come to town (they are huge purveyors of ultra-rare Funko Pop figures), and a caveat that if he sells any part of his current collection, he may use the extra funds to exceed the $30 a week limit.

One Reddit user posted photos of his collection. How many recognizable characters can you spot?

A bunch of people asked, so here it is: My Funko Pop! Collection as of 1/1/2018

The internet was quick to share their feelings about not only the contract, but the size of the man's Funko Pop collection:

Of course, not every contract is perfect:

And let's not be too hard on this guy's wife:

You hear that, James?

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