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Customer Returns Sandwich Because It Wasn't Perfectly Cut In Half—Seriously
4 months ago

For one woman in Australia, perfection is the name of the game, and what the lady wants, the lady gets. 

Corowa RSL Club posted a photo to their Facebook page showing the offending sandwich that was sent back for being cut unevenly.  CEO Peter Norris was alerted of the tragedy and sent the sandwich. He took out a ruler and measured. Sure enough the woman was right and one side was half a centimeter. Norris marked the sandwich and snapped a photo posting it on social media.  off.  told ABC News a sandwich was sent back by "a bingo lady, in her eighties" to the café's staff — because one side was slightly wider than the other. 

He told ABC News:

 "We laughed at it, but you know, the customer was right."

Now that's customer service! 

Facebook users weren't as forgiving as the Club. 

Some tried to understand the logic of needing the sandwich to be perfectly sized. 

This woman is certainly not going to be hired to make sandwiches. That's just wrong!

The customer was given an new sandwich that made the cut. 

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