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Man Shares Recent Tweets From Tide, And We Feel Bad For Their Social Manager

How have you been spending your 2018 so far? Whatever the rest of us are doing probably can't compare to what the Tide PR team has been up to. Following a bizarre and dangerous internet craze that involves people eating Tide Pods, the laundry detergent has already released a commercial reminding people that Tide Pods are not meant for consumption. Now, the brand is spending their time responding to people who claimed to have eaten a Tide Pod.

People have been messaging the brand on social media after allegedly consuming a detergent pod:

Because that makes sense, right? I mean, we hope some of these were some sort of joke or prank, but it's hard to say.

Someone shared the responses flooding in from Tide on Twitter:

Helping both teenagers and full-grown adults who have eaten laundry detergent — on purpose! — is probably the last thing a social media assistant or public relations expert ever thought they'd have to deal with.

Employers might be reassessing their experience requirements for social media managers:

Some people are having a little too much fun with this strange form of satire:

While others would really like to see this craze come to an end:

I never imagined writing this, but let's all hope people will stop eating laundry detergent.

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