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After AI Sex Robot Hits The Market, The Memes Come Rolling In ๐Ÿ˜‚

If you're feeling lonesome tonight and have a spare ยฃ3,500 a UK retailer might have the answer for you. Her name is Samantha, and she's a sex robot, but Samantha isn't your typical inflatable companion. 

"She's quite an elegant kind of girl," says Arran Lee Squire, sales director for Synthea Amatus, the company that manufactures the doll. Samantha is equipped with an artificial intelligence and can tell jokes, talk about philosophy and has a "family mode." 

Samantha can even resist sexual advances. Squire says "If you touch her, say, on her sensitive spots on the breasts, for example, straight away, and you don't touch her hands or kiss her, she might say, 'Oh, I'm not ready for that.'"

Twitter did eventually react...just give them a minute. 

Once Twitter composed themselves many started wondering about the potential drawbacks of a talking sex doll. 

But for others the whole thing was just too much to handle. 

Social stigma aside, Twitter may have stumbled upon the real reason we just aren't ready to accept a talking sex doll just yet. 

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