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Someone Said 'Gucci Gang' A Million Times For Charity—Because That's How It Works Now

A simple idea can really take you places with enough consistency. 

Let's examine the case of Graham the Christian of YouTube notoriety. He wanted to raise some funds to donate to Red Nose Day, and so he attempted something crazy — the recitation of two words one million times. If you're unfamiliar, "Gucci Gang" is a song by rapper Lil' Pump that celebrates the sale and purchase of drugs and having more money than you. Here, have at it:

Right, so mayhaps Graham the Christian wondered how to make it wholesome and family friendly and was left only with the title. 

People love a spectacle, even if it's watching two words lose all meaning over the course of multiple 17-hour live streaming shifts.

The streams are exactly what you might think they are, but we'll save the example until the end. 

Folks on Twitter watched it unfold, and people actually did start donating money:

Eventually the Red Nose Day team caught wind of the marathon and drove folks in his direction:

He actually made it, because the eyes of the world were upon him and public accountability is a heckuva thing. 

The live stream is no longer available in its entirety, but believe me, this is the part that's the most worthwhile:

Shoot for the stars, kids!

H/T: Mashable