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Photo by Ben Nelms/Getty Images
Canada's Olympic Flag-Bearers Are Featured In Some Intense Photos—And People Are Creeped Out
3 months ago

 We are all for 8-time national champion figure skaters Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir leading Canada into the PyeongChang Olympic Stadium. It's a great honor and one they have worked hard for, but did they have to scare the holy-bajesus out of us with the promotional photos? 

The promotional photos of the pair with a dark ominous sky in the background, and a warrior-like pose are reminding people of another spectator game where contestants didn't fair too well.  

See for yourself. 

People immediately spotted the resemblance to those other games. 

Other saw something different in the photos. 

And as always, along came the memes. 

It was all in good fun and mostly Canadian's sent the duo and outpouring of love and pride. 

Although one Twitter user was a tad confused by it all. 

As long as they get to the stadium safe and sound, that all that matters.  

H/T: Twitter