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Supermarkets Just Responded To The 'Tide Pod Challenge'—Because We Can't Have Nice Things

Supermarkets Just Responded To The 'Tide Pod Challenge'—Because We Can't Have Nice Things
Updated 4 months ago

Guys, time for some real talk. We might have taken it too far. We all thought it would be funny to pretend that Tide Pods, the compact laundry detergent delivery capsules, looked like delectable, massive Gusher fruit snacks. Some people even took it a step further and "challenged" others to put them in their mouths or eat them. 

Then, the government had to intervene for fear that people were actually going to eat them. 

Not only that, Tide themselves had to distribute a video saying not to use their product for anything except for cleaning clothes. 

It doesn't end there, though. 

Many stores like Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Ralph's, and Food 4 Less have decided to protect people from themselves by locking up Tide Pod bags and containers behind locked doors or inside security tubs. 

People took to Twitter to show their disappointment and frustration that this is what the world has come to. 

A Procter & Gamble spokesperson said Tide Pod security was up to the stores: "Individual retailers decide how to shelve products, often making decisions on a store-by-store basis. We do know that some Tide products have been in secure shelving in some retailers prior to the recent social media conversations."

Wal-Mart wrote in an e-mail that keeping the Pods locked up wasn't in response to the internet craze:"It seems that the Tide Pods being locked up in some of our stores is unrelated to the recent craze of eating the product."

Though, some people made some humorous comparisons between how easy it is to get some other products compared to Tide Pods.