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A GOP Senator Just Took Off Glasses That Weren't Actually On His Face

A GOP Senator Just Took Off Glasses That Weren't Actually On His Face
Updated 4 months ago

Republican Senator Orrin Hatch may have just had the most relatable moment of the day when he went to take off a pair of glasses that weren't actually there.

Anyone with glasses knows the feeling well. You reach up to adjust or remove your glasses, and then you realize that they aren't there, and you just made a fool of yourself.

Unfortunately for the Utah senator, his laughable moment came during a televised Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday while he was in the middle of questioning Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, and the clip quickly went viral after The Wrap's Jon Levine shared it on Twitter.

See for yourself:

And while many on Twitter felt Hatch's pain, some were quick to point out that he really committed to the move, even after it was clear his glasses weren't on his face:

The move even had a few questioning their realities:

After the hoopla, Hatch's official Twitter account even got in on the joke:

Which led to this surreal exchange:

Given that Hatch is a bit of a controversial figure, the response to the attempted joke was mixed:

According to Matt Whitlock, Hatch's communication director, the senator forgot his glasses at home. "The Senator wears reading glasses and normally reads over his notes one last time before questioning witnesses in a hearing," he explained to The Hill. Hatch's embarrassing moment "was simply muscle memory to reach to take them off before his questioning began."

We're guessing he won't make that mistake again.

But in the meantime we have a very useful new meme, so thank you, Sen. Hatch.