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Former Politician Has A Hair Straightener Fail On 'Celebrity Big Brother'—And Twitter Is LOLing

 Ann Noreen Widdecombe a former Conservative Party Member of  the British Parliament is appearing on the latest installment of the UK's Celebrity Big Brother. Recently, she had viewers in stitches, but not intentionally. It seems Widdecombe was trying to use a hair straightener in a mirror and was having a bit of troubles with her depth perception. 

Okay the winner for the most graphic description of laughing we have ever heard goes to—

 With the exception of this hair straightening moment, Widdecomb has proven to be a very polarizing figure in the Big Brother house. Many have criticized her views gay marriages, women's rights, and her disapproval of Meghan Markle's upcoming marriage to Prince Harry. 

 Celebrities appearing on Big Brother are competing for charity. 

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