Man Shares Google Art Match App Of Clark Kent, And The Internet Was Into It

Man Shares Google Art Match App Of Clark Kent, And The Internet Was Into It
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Updated 5 months ago

The new Google Arts & Culture app has taken the internet by storm in recent days, specifically for its feature that allows you to upload a photo and find your face match from a database of famous classical art.

If you aren't one of the millions who have downloaded the app, then you've probably been inundated with awkward Facebook and Twitter posts from friends seeking to find their fine art doppelgangers.

But one Twitter user recently took the cultural obsession to a whole new level.

Writer and comic book artist Jesse Hamm tweeted out an image of Clark Kent and his match, which had an astounding 99% match.


It's pretty much the most laughable, worst-kept secret in comics that Clark Kent is Superman. Those tricky glasses may work on the citizens of Metropolis, but the real world knows better.

Twitter definitely appreciated the ridiculousness of the joke:

People shared some other humorous ways that Superman's true identity could've been found out in our current technological world:

But joking aside, it did unearth a rather puzzling question about Superman:

Which has already apparently been answered by the Superman cartoon:

Who knew?

But it led to even more pressing questions:

But then we got an answer that pretty much explains it all:

And now that that issue is settled, we can all go back to realizing that we bear a striking resemblance to a long-dead person, probably of the opposite sex, who once sat for a now-famous portrait.

You know, the important things. Carry on.

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