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Deadpool Has A Birthday Message For Zayn Malik—And It's Deliciously Creepy

Deadpool Has A Birthday Message For Zayn Malik—And It's Deliciously Creepy
4 months ago

The bromance between actor Ryan Reynolds and former One Direction member Zayn Malik is the stuff of legend. And Reynolds has had no qualms with letting the world know how he feels about his BFF.

Back in 2015, Reynolds joked on Twitter about his obsession:

So it seemed only fitting to Reynolds that he mark Malik's 25th birthday on January 12 with a special birthday video. And thus, he donned his Deadpool costume and made a birthday greeting that is equal parts hilarious and creepy.

"Zayn, it's Wade. Don't hang up," he starts. "I just want to wish you a very happy birthday. Again. I also want to apologize for jumping out of the cake like that. I didn't realize it was the middle of the night, I had no idea I was in the middle of your bedroom. I want to thank your security who were very, very gentle and creative with the taser."

He finishes,  "So anyway, happy birthday to you and Mr. Tim Horton — you share your birthday with a very special Canadian who's very near and dear to my heart. Alright." For those who are unfamiliar, Horton is a late hockey star who co-founded a chain of fast food restaurants named after him.

Zayn shared the video on Instagram, where even girlfriend Gigi Hadid remarked, "Best f!#%n birthday surprise ever!!!"

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And while most of the comments were fans wishing Zayn a happy birthday and professing their undying love, it was pretty clear who Zayn's heart really belongs to:

And considering how Reynolds and wife Blake Lively attempt to one-up each other with hilarious birthday wishes each year, you know things can only get better from here.

And, frankly, we're all about it.