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Twitter/Screengrab from The Wendy Williams Show
Lindsay Lohan Says She Plans On 'Out Trump-ing Trump' With New 'Lohan Island'

Lindsay Lohan has big plans—including designing an island to outdo Trump. During an interview on The Wendy Williams Show, the actress, singer, model, and fashion designer explained, "I'm discussing designing an island, in Dubai, at the World Islands . . . 'Lohan Island' . . . I'm out-trumping Trump with the name 'Lohan'."

Twitter was critical:

Lohan's history of drug use has not been forgotten in the minds of the public: 

Some questioned where she'd get the money to carryout such a plan:

On the other hand, she did have some supporters:

Well she might out-trump Trump in one way--delusions of grandeur. 

H/T: Twitter