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Rebecca Butala How/Getty Images
Man's Airport Life-Hack Has Us Wondering Why We Didn't Think Of That

Airport terminals are not usually places that are known for their comfort. 

The chairs have no support, the floors are dirty, and the noise is never-ending. And yet, when you have to wait hours for a flight, one has no choice but to try and make the best of the situation. One man, in the middle of a layover at what looks like it might be the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, was struck with a flash of genius! A bystander caught a pic of this visionary and posted it to Reddit.

He may be the comfiest person in airport history:


Redditors were equal parts impressed and envious...

Some people were worried he'd be asked to take the hammock down!

From the comments, one could tell what Reddit thought of airlines in general...

It turns out this man isn't the only person to have a bright idea during a layover:

But, at the end of the day, most commenters just wish they'd thought to bring a hammock themselves.

Mark this moment in history...a movement has begun.

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