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Jake Tapper's 8-Year-Old Son Writes A Comic Strip Called 'Tooty Cube'—And We're In Love

The wee laddie Tapper might end up being a master storyteller in his own right. 

His pops shared a recent comic strip adventure penned by the 8-year-old maestro, and it has all the depth and dramatic catharsis of the great Greek masters. 

Before we continue, some guided reading notes - what is Tooty Cube? Is he a toot made of cubes or does he, the Cube, toot? If so, what does Tooty Cube toot? What binds its form to such a perfectly hexahedral condition? And is that a caterpillar on his (her?) side? Please consider these pressing questions as we move forward. 

We're left with even more questions than answers. The scale of Tooty Cube alone threw this humble writer for a loop, but what of the Cube Control? Why do they intend to jail him? Is Tooty Cube a criminal - or a victim of an dystopian system engineered to control solely Cubekind? We need to know more. 

Looking forward to the next installment of the epic tale. 

H/T: Twitter