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Arya Stark's 'Kill List' Just Got A Few Names Longer—And Hollywood Should Be Very Afraid

For all you Game of Thrones devotees out there, Arya Stark just added three new names to her notorious "kill list." When GoT star Maisie Williams recited the list on the Graham Norton Show, she casually added a few names to the roster.

Watch their reactions:


Fans of the popular HBO series took the opportunity to nerd out:

Someone tried to get deep, and got schooled on their timeline:

But no worries! Apparently it's a real honor to be added to the list. Williams explains:

So a lot of people come up to me in the street and they want me to recite the names, but then add their name.

Oddly, there weren't many comments about Tom Hanks:

H/T: YouTube, Huffington Post