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11-Year-Old Caught Secretly Downloading App, And It's All Worked Out Wonderfully

On Friday, New York Times reporter Liam Stack tweeted:

He went on to say:

And then, the Washington Post decided to chime in:

Washington Post reporter Eugene Scott told Liam this fun fact:

Olivia reminisced about her own young political junkie days:

Rae also had a child pursuing this particular dream:

Gabriel had full confidence that Liam's first cousin once removed had a bright future:

Mara thought that perhaps she had a leg up over her own childhood exploits:

Daubi regaled us with another journalism success story:

Though it wasn't lost on Monique that the child was reading a competitor:

Tara egged her on:

And Patricia gave credit where credit was due:

We believe in you!

H/T: Twitter