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Library Shows What Happens When You Use A Banana As A Bookmark—And We Can't Even

On Tuesday, the University of Manchester Library tweeted this:

A library at another university expressed dismay:

To which the University of Manchester Library responded:

This person sympathized:

But two days later The University of Manchester Library was still shook and continued to vent:

Then Beth explained that this may actually be art in disguise:

The Oratory Library couldn't resist a good joke photo in response:

Then the University of Manchester Library chimed back in asking for some moral support:

The University of Glasgow Library had a different kind of food incident:

... which spurred a fantasy for the University of Liverpool Library:

Stephanie asked this important question:

Which the University of Manchester Library found so funny that they decided it needed a permanent place:

Then they asked this important question:

Since it was an overwhelming yes, they obliged:

And finally, like a character from a Dickens novel setting up a good mystery, the Brantford Library said:


We're on the case!

H/T: Twitter