Man Critiques Those Ridiculous 'As Seen On TV' Mishaps—And He's Spot On

Man Critiques Those Ridiculous 'As Seen On TV' Mishaps—And He's Spot On
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Updated 6 months ago

We've all chuckled to ourselves as we watched some poor woman struggle, unable to drain her cooked pasta without mucking it all up, while a voiceover intones, "Splish and splash. Now, your pasta's going down the drain."

It's those ridiculous As-Seen-on-TV ads and late-night informercials that portray everyday tasks as overwhelmingly hard and the average person as a bumbling fool. They're hilarious! But you usually only get to see one or two of these wacky scenes at a time, leaving you waiting for more. Maybe you've even found yourself staying up late, flipping channels endlessly, and sitting through entire informercials just to get to the good stuff.

But thanks to one Twitter user, you don't have to wait anymore!

Yup, Tate compiled some of TV's best informercial mishaps and strung them together for your viewing pleasure.

Twitter showed Tate all the love:

Tate's first half of the list spanned 24 entries. Here are a few more highlights:

Somebody knew of an actor perfectly suited for these types of ads:

People loved it so much, Tate asked if they wanted more, and the answer was a resounding YES.

Which unleashed 20 more goofy entries from Tate:

By the end, Tate's devoted followers were adding their own classic informercial mishaps to the mix.

Everyone who'd seen the thread felt a lot better about their lives: