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Man's Profanity-Laden Tweet About Meeting Man With Same Name Goes Viral

Man's Profanity-Laden Tweet About Meeting Man With Same Name Goes Viral
4 months ago

There are some experiences which can't be beat. Getting married or having a child both spring to mind. But there's another incredible life-moment which people often overlook: meeting someone who has the same name as you. Ryan Grenfell (both of them) got to enjoy this magical moment. One Ryan is from Australia, and the other is from Scotland. 

Scottish Ryan decided to chronicle their time together on Twitter:

The tweet quickly went viral! Both 21 years old, the two Ryans initially connected over Faceobok, and now chat online every so often. Scottish Ryan commented to The Daily Mail:

We spoke for a year mainly just about life in general, work, cars, nights out and things. We sometimes face-timed when we were drunk as well.

I live in Carluke so I had to get the train to Edinburgh for a few pints with brother.

Inspired by the Grenfells, Twitter began searching out their name-brothers and sisters.

Some of them had already found each other!

Two Mike Tuckermans even met right there in the comments.

It looks like the two Grenfells are influencing each other in a way only name brothers can. Scottish Ryan commented:

I knew he was coming over, he's going to be touring Europe for a month with a friend.

I got him on the buckfast, and he even likes Irn Bru now.

Surely, this night will be one both Ryan Grenfells will never forget. Someday, perhaps we all can experience the joy of hanging out with someone who has the same name as us. One can only hope...