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Xinhua News Agency/Getty
Footage Of Three Pandas Viciously Attacking Snowman Emerges Online—And We're Uncomfortable
3 months ago

Pandas are, by and large, not known for their bloodlust.

And this footage of Er Shun, Jia Panpan, and Jia Yueyue alternatively mauling and losing interest in this rudimentary snowman in the Toronto Zoo shouldn't affect their street cred whatsoever.

It is, however, cute as heck. They're basically floofballs with weird swingy arms and they roll over into the snow and the world smiles. In any other timeline, this whole species would have vanished from the Earth. In our timeline, their predatory instincts get half-used on clumps of snow. 

And the world smiles. 

Get Frosty on that train, folks! Pandas might be coming for him.

H/T: Mashable