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Man Orders Cheap Veneers Online—Instantly Regrets His Shopping Choices
3 months ago

There are some things you can skimp on... and then there's dental work. 

Get the knockoff handbag if it's cute. Target's jeans are getting better. But if you're going to fundamentally alter the composition of your face, guys, spend the money. Because here's what the cheap option gets you.

UNCANNY VALLEY ALERT. Seriously, this is a flesh and blood human being, and this one minor change puts him into "hastily assembled Black Mirror replacement teenager" territory. Veneers generally cost hundreds of dollars per tooth, but it's a permanent situation and you can rely on them to, I dunno, not fall out of your face like this £42 option?

Ben Watson is a 19-year-old student in the UK, and his best friend Mollie Cooper is an international treasure who immediately shared this insanity with the world (thank you Mollie!). Pressed by Indy100 as to his motivations for the purchase, he immediately referred to the veneers as an "investment," and "for the sake of going out, I'll put these in... and nobody will be able to tell the difference."

The difference, however, was told. "I just saw the teeth and thought it was the biggest mess up of my entire life." 

Happily, he had a sense of humor about it and shared the pic with Mollie.

The weirdest thing about this whole debacle is that he's been recognized on the street for this viral post.

I went food shopping yesterday. And a mother and a daughter tapped me on the shoulder asking ‘Can I take a photo with you? You’re the guy with the veneers.’ It’s the craziest thing.

And, by the way, this guy did not need these veneers!

Worldie (talkin bout myself) xx

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