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Bad Lip Reading Of Trump Trying To Sing National Anthem Takes Internet By Storm

A clip of President Trump struggling to sing along with the national anthem at the college football championships went viral on Monday. In the video, it appears that Trump doesn't know the words, though some have speculated the President (who is somewhat hard of hearing) may have had trouble making out which words were being sung.

In any case, it makes for some pretty hilarious viewing:

Remember how Trump spent weeks deriding NFL players for their "disrespect" of the national anthem? Yeah, so do we.

So Twitter was less than forgiving when it came to the President's slip-up.

Innumerable parodies of President Trump attempting to sing the national anthem have already surfaced, but the most popular by far is a new video from the folks at Bad Lip Reading.

They really nailed it.


Who could forget such incredible lyrics?


Watch their whole parody here:

If you like that, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert took a stab at the President's lyrics, too:

Let's hope President Trump reviews the lyrics before his next big solo.

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