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People Share The Most Ridiculous Pop Culture Things Their Parents Banned 😂
3 months ago

As Will Smith said in his 1988 hit song, Parents Just Don't Understand. Twitter user Nick Douglas (@toomuchnick) asked Twitter users what piece pop culture did their parents ban. Twitter responded and the answers are both funny and a bit confusing. 

First up on the chopping block was music.

Movies or specific scenes from movies were big on the list. 

It seems some parents didn't even understand what they were banning. 

Even cartoons and animation weren't safe. 

A few parents weighed in and explained why they had to ban certain things in their home. 

So maybe we cut parents some slack. They are just trying to raise decent human being who don't go around body slamming strangers and trying to poke their eyes out. 

H/T: Twitter