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Cartoon Predicted Oprah 2020 Presidential Run, And It Wasn't 'The Simpsons'
3 months ago

The Simpsons famously predicted a Trump Presidency, something which, in hindsight, they surely regret.

But The Simpsons isn't the only cartoon with prescient powers. The Boondocks, which aired on Adult Swim for four seasons in the mid-2000s, predicted an Oprah presidency.

The show was very specific about when Winfrey would win the election: 2020.

The idea of Oprah running for President began with her powerful speech at the Golden Globes this past Sunday. 

After the awards, rumors began circling that Oprah herself was considering becoming a candidate.

While Boondocks got the year right, the next presidential election will be on November 10, 2020.

The newspaper headline isn't a throwaway joke, either. In the episode, titled "Return of the King," a cryogenically frozen Martin Luther King Jr. returns from the past and observes the modern-day political and social climate. Incredibly (but understandably) frustrated by what he encounters, King gives an impassioned speech that inspires new levels of political activism across the country. The wave of public outrage ultimately results in Winfrey's election.

Winfrey has yet to announce any official candidacy, and many people β€” including liberals β€” are wary of two millionaire celebrity Presidents back-to-back. 

We'll have to wait and see if the Boondocks creators were on to something.