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Photos Of Dad Next To Absurdly Huge Bag Of Chocolate Take Internet By Storm
3 months ago

On Monday, a Reddit user who goes by the username joycieejuice posted this photo of a gigantic bag of dark chocolates that her family casually picked up from TJ Maxx.

Bearded_McBeardy was ready to start shopping, but Booblicle pointed out the ambiguity:

Who wouldn't want to do this?

Someone speculated about why such a giant bag would exist, but that can't be it:

Seriously, just don't. The existence of this giant bag is a thing to be celebrated:

Some Redditors needed to get their minds out of the gutter:

While others dreamed of the possible practical jokes:

But this is the important question:

We want to buy one, pronto!

H/T: Reddit