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Man Tweets Photo Of Bizarrely Shaped Strawberry, And Twitter Has Opinions
3 months ago

It's called pareidolia, the phenomenon of perceiving familiar patterns when they aren't really there. The wall socket that looks like a face, the coat hook that looks like an octopus with its fists up. And it's one of people's favorite games. 

So it was no surprise on Sunday when a Twitter user posted a picture of his misshapen strawberry and it quickly turned into "adorable Rorschach test" with people joining in from all over the globe. 

Mugi411 posted his oddly shaped fruit...

And his artistic interpretation...

And things took off from there. 

Some interpretations were a little out there...

While others were straight masterpieces. 

Including a couple cameos from some classics.

But it was another misfit strawberry that managed to capture how everyone felt.

H/T - Twitter