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Photo by Mark Boster/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images
Man Explains How He's Been Trolling The DMV And Government For Years—And We're Impressed
4 months ago

Family traditions can take many forms, from recipes passed down over generations to holiday and birthday celebration with a personal twist. One Twitter user @JonoZalay shared his unique family tradition— trolling the DMV. 

We'll let him tell it. 

Looks like a pretty normal guy, but wait for the transformation. 

Some serious effort goes into this prank. 

He's not done yet. @JonoZalay is in this for the long game. 

Almost there, just a few final touches and accessories. 

He went on to describe his experience while at the DMV. 

To sum up—

To his credit,  Jono Zalay acknowledges that systematic white privilege plays a part in being allowed to play this prank on the government.   

Twitter was applauding this creative prank. 

This is a family tradition we can get behind. 

H/T: Twitter