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Photo by Mark Boster/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images
Man Explains How He's Been Trolling The DMV And Government For Years—And We're Impressed

Family traditions can take many forms, from recipes passed down over generations to holiday and birthday celebration with a personal twist. One Twitter user @JonoZalay shared his unique family tradition— trolling the DMV. 

We'll let him tell it. 

Looks like a pretty normal guy, but wait for the transformation. 

Some serious effort goes into this prank. 

He's not done yet. @JonoZalay is in this for the long game. 

Almost there, just a few final touches and accessories. 

He went on to describe his experience while at the DMV. 

To sum up—


To his credit,  Jono Zalay acknowledges that systematic white privilege plays a part in being allowed to play this prank on the government.   

Twitter was applauding this creative prank. 

This is a family tradition we can get behind. 

H/T: Twitter