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Wikimedia Commons/ Brian Prechtel
Viral Weirdly Shaped Strawberry Becomes Photoshop Battle—And The Results Are Tasty

Far more fun than looking for shapes in the clouds or taking an ink blot test, these Twitterers used a deformed strawberry as a blank canvas, duking it out for most creative interpretation.  

The one that started it all just might be the cutest--Cartoon Network here she comes! We'll call her show, Strawpurry and Her Juicy Ripe Life.  

Such mysterious eyes. What secrets does she hold? (Without a mouth, we'll never know.) 

Now what was it I read about genetically combining a fish and a strawberry?

Your guess is as good as ours:

It's so fluffy! I mean . . . juicy?

When something in Pac-Man goes horribly wrong: 

Job well done everybody!

What's your favorite? 

H/T: Mashable, Twitter