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Stephen Colbert's 'Our Cartoon President' Releases First Trailer—And We Can't Wait

Stephen Colbert has made a name for himself in the late night game as an especially critical voice of the Trump administration. But perhaps his favorite way to satirize the President has always been Cartoon Donald Trump, an animated version of the Commander in chief who's surprisingly similar to the actual Commander in Chief.

Now it seems Cartoon President is getting a full spin-off, with Colbert producing.

Set to premiere next month on Showtime, Our Cartoon President just released its first trailer:

The cast includes fully animated and cartoonified versions of every major figure in the Trump White House, from a disturbingly turtle-like Mitch McConnell to an adorably elfish Jeff Sessions.

Check it out:

The show's biggest hurdle will be staying crazy enough to be recognized as comedy compared to the real White House.

Fans are pretty pumped to see the new show!

Our Cartoon President will premiere on Showtime on February 11, but will appear before that on Showtime's digital platforms January 28. Tune in and get your fix of keebler-elf Jeff Sessions!

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