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Twitter User Makes Pop-Up Version Of 'Fire And Fury' For Trump—And It's Everything
4 months ago

Fire and Fury, Michael Wolff's tell-all glimpse inside the first 10 months of the Trump White House, is all anybody seems to be talking about. If you're in Washington D.C., whether you love it or hate it, you'd better be prepared to talk about it. Never before, especially so early in a U.S. presidency, has someone published a book with such scandalous details about the White House. As head of the administration, Donald Trump will probably want to know what's in the book and respond, but there's just one problem: the President isn't a big reader. Reading a whole book is a little bit more than he'd ever like to do. 

So Twitter user @HappyToast decided he'd give the Commander in Chief a helping hand:

The pop-up book follows the narrative of Trump's story:

The author designed the new version specifically for President Trump:

There are parts Donald will be all too familiar with...

And others he'd probably like to forget:

These pop-ups make reading fun and easy:

He can even read while watching his favorite show, Fox and Friends:

Twitter went wild for the abridged version:

@HappyToast is receiving some major props:

Some people also took a swipe at Trump's recent "stable genius" tweets:

Thanks to @HappyToast's hard work, people of all ages can enjoy the exposé that claims Trump didn't want to be President. Happy day!

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