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Cardi B Is Offered A Lie Detector Test By 'The Maury Show'—And The Shade Is Real
4 months ago

We don't know who's running the Twitter account over at The Maury Show, but they have absolutely no shame when it comes to reaching out to potential guests. Rapper Cardi B has apparently been having some trouble with her partner, Offset. She recently confessed to a cheering crowd of people at  the Holiday Hip Hop Festival in Mississippi that she warned him he was about to lose her — by quoting Beyoncé lyrics at him and telling him he was going to lose his wife.

Who among us hasn't Beyoncéd our way through life at times?

Offset got busted cheating because he had videos of himself and a naked woman in bed together on his iCloud. Cardi telling literally tons of people exactly what she said to him afterwards was certainly a gutsy move and shows she has no problem playing out their issues in a public sphere.

That's enough of a story right there. But things took a turn thanks to Maury Povich.

Check out this tweet offering Cardi a lie detector test. They actually tagged her in it!

Watching the show in the studio, the crowd has an opportunity to react to all the shade in real time. 

When watching drama unfold on Twitter it looks more like this:

But the show kept coming back to Twitter to add to the fray. It was a little awkward, to be honest.

Most people can't figure out why The Maury Show is so pressed about Cardi B and Offset, but one fan had a theory:

We don't know where this is going, but if Cardi takes Maury up on his offer, you'll definitely hear all about it.

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