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Boy Trolls His Teacher With Response To Christmas Homework—And We Feel For Him

Seven-year-old Angus let his teacher know exactly how he felt after she sent the class home on Christmas break with homework. Over the three week holiday, it seems Angus put off doing his writing assignment until the last moment. He was supposed to write ten sentences using specific words: over, one, little, can, two, that, out, said, off, and three.

When Angus finally sat down to do the work he let his frustration and imagination fly:

Lisa explained how it all went down:

There’s not a whole lot to the story other than my son, Angus, waited until the last minute of his three-week break to do his homework and went into doing it very disgruntled and put off.But as he started to do it and I was cleaning around the house I heard him giggling more and more until he was in a fit of full-blown laughter before declaring loudly, “DONE!”

If Angus ever decides to become a writer, he already has a solid fan base:

And for all of those curious what the little mad genius looks like, his mom posted a picture:

Young Angus seems quite pleased with himself, as well he should be. 

His mom also let everyone know Angus' teacher is wonderful and has a good sense of humor:

Now we have to wait to see what grade he gets.


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